10 Bay Area Artisans To Know

It’s springtime and usually there is an assortment of art fairs and festivals to enjoy, but this spring is a little different.

If you are a Bay Area native and want to support your local artisans during the shelter in place; here are 10 wonderful artisans offering their work online.

Ling-Yen Designs

“I define jewelry as creations, which are useful, artistic, symbolic, identifying, and an expression of personal ideas. In my earring line, some of the motifs I use are leaves, birds, and windows. When these elements and others are integrated into a piece, they can represent new beginnings, changes, hope, and further growth in ones self. The materials that I enjoy using most are sterling silver, copper, gold, pearls, and semiprecious stones. My intention for each one-of-a-kind piece is that it is clean looking, distinctive, and artistically rendered.”  –Ling-Yen Designs on Etsy HERE

Sacred Laughter 

“I have trouble making two things alike and have a passion for producing pieces that bring the passions of others out into the world. The name of this company teaches a lesson to humanity, for it is important in my life, and to mankind, to find the ability to laugh at one’s self. Learn the joy and simplicity of life’s comic relief. For laughter is one of the most sacred sounds and one of life’s most important lessons” -Robin Senour of Sacred Laughter  Shop her Etsy HERE

Scents by the Bay

Scents by the Bay is a luxury home, bath and body company. They feature handcrafted Massage Oil Candles, Aromatherapy Jewelry, as well as Essential Oils. They also offer Soy Melts and Warmers, CBD topical skin care products, including a pain relieving line and lots more. You can find their phenomenal products at www.ScentsbytheBay.com

Amy’s Almost Perfect

Check out local maker Amy’s Almost Perfect flour sack towels!  The towels are large at 24′ x 38″, washable, and fade resistant. The towels are screen printed with eco-friendly ink and the art consists of original pieces by Humboldt County artists! Years ago, homemakers would turn used flour sacks into quality towels, quilts, aprons, dresses, baby clothes, sunbonnets, undergarments, and bathing suits. You still can’t beat the old-fashioned flour sack towels, they’re all-natural, durable, and wonderful for adding sparkle to glassware. Find them here www.amysalmostperfect.com You can also check out her adorable pillows and other items on Etsy HERE

Toni Seymour

Kathy, of Sophisticated Beads; blends colors together into a unique piece of wearable art that manifests in soft and luscious hand beaded art jewelry and beaded scarves. Find them here www.sophisticated-beads.com

“I first thought I wanted to do tapestry weaving. But as I continued on this journey I found my passion was more in creating ‘functional art’. All unique designs are my very own. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor. After my first surgery, I knew all would be well when I woke up and found myself designing rugs in my head. My second surgery permanently closed my eyelid on the right eye. I am now a one-eyed weaver. Life is a journey of living and dying, breaking and healing, losing and finding. I found my way back to my passion, weaving.” – Toni Seymour
Find Toni Seymours truly unique weavings on Etsy HERE

Flood Glass

In love with colors and nature, Krista Flood celebrate these still moments in what is known as warm glass. Flood glass produces a unique high quality Art glass that is fused together at high heat in a glass kiln. The glass is cooled and then heated again to form and shape beautiful and unique hand made sculptures. These are original pieces of Art as well as functional artworks. The pieces range from Clocks, high-tech night lights, oyster and abalone shell dishes, to functional sculptural table centerpieces. Find these unique artworks here www.islandstyleglass.com

San Anselmo artisan weaver, Ximena of Entrelanas Designs has beautiful woven shawls. They are available in her online store. These pieces are made with cotton and merino wool. The lightweight shawls are perfect for spring and summer! Shop them on Etsy HERE

Check out this beautiful, handcrafted jewelry created by Cheryl, of Arts Boheme. Her portfolio includes items like the Amethyst Stalactite Necklace pictured above, which features amethyst stones cut into roundels and then faceted to form a gorgeous, solid foundation. The focal stone is a slice from a magnificent amethyst stalactite. These are most commonly found in Brazil and Uruguay, stalactites on their own are extremely hard to come by and to find an amethyst stalactite is quite special and rare. These take thousands of years to form and are truly one of earth’s beautiful hidden gems. Perfect for those who desire the uncommon and wish to possess something exclusive. Arts Boheme has exactly what you’re looking for. Find beautiful, rare and unique pieces at artsboheme.com

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