Gifu Wagasa

By Claire Ann Wellesley

Gifu Wagasa is the traditional Japanese umbrella, which has a sense of ornament, ritual, and design.

It was a period of poetry and painting, and has occupied a central space in Japanese ceremony, and fashion for a thousand years.

Kikugawa Eizan

The sunlight flowing through translucent and colorful washi paper reproduces the feeling of a skylight.

Traditional Wagasa artisans from the village of Gifu, draw on a range of influences to create this impression.

A Gifu Wagasa is made of bamboo from the Kiso River, and Mino-washi, a paper crafted from bark and plant fibers, and coated with flax oil and natural lacquer.

The rib structure is made from a single bamboo cane, which, when closed forms the original shape of the cane. When opened, the wagasa silhouette is an arrangement of geometric design and elegant color.

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